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Giving Female Entrepreneurs The Confidence To Build & Manage Their Websites using WordPress

Total Clarity

I will give you step by step instructions on how to get super clear on who your soul mate clients are, what they need and in turn make them want to buy from you

Hand holding

I understand you’re overwhelmed by the tech that Google has offered when all you asked was a simple question “how do I design a website using WordPress?”… I got you!


I keep kicking butt to make sure you’re not stuck, and provide quick and easy to follow live training in the private Facebook group when you need it


Join our AMAZING community of female entrepreneurs who are facing the EXACT same web design issues as you! Find accountability partners and get incredible support

You deserve a website that reflects your personality and appeals to your soul mate clients. I help you create that.

I really do understand the frustration of wanting a stunning, user friendly website for your business, with zero  or little tech knowledge, or even little or zero budget to pay for it! Your first instinct is to head to Google and search ‘how to build a website for my business’, and BOOM you’re hit with so many different options. Next, you head to your trusted Facebook group that you hang out in, and ask your colleagues or other female business owners, HOLY CRAP! you’re even more confused now.

So you just want to crawl away and hide under a rock somewhere.

I design and develop experiences that make people's lives simple

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What my members are saying about being part of the Academy

In two days I’ve filmed and added two workouts to my new webpage would never have done that if it wasn’t for this academy. I am forever thankful to Kelly

I’m so proud of my site. I love it ! And can’t wait to publish it for real and show it off.


Dah dah!
Ladies..I was a little afraid to enter into these modules…they’re harmless. Very inviting..simple to understand and Kelly makes it just sound like a chat with a cuppa rather than high falouting! I afforded myself some time… goal today… set for this morning.. but got distracted.. and hey ho! This afternoon – DONE!
I’ve always been afraid of touching anything plug in… appearances… tags or blocks etc… !
Honestly! It’s so easy to understand.
Cheers Kelly! 💟

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WordPress Plugins – What are they?

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5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today

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Join the Academy today and finally feel confident with WordPress

“Kelly I am so grateful to you for your commitment over the last 3 weeks. You made my website dream a reality. This is our second website built together (Kelly also built I cannot recommend you highly enough! And you are super affordable, you’ve just got to love that!

I feel very grateful to have you my team lovely.

Thank you. D xx”

Dawn Breslin

Coach, Harmonizing Coach, Harmonizing Coaching Academy

“Kelly is a fantastic help to my business as she takes away overwhelm. She is really knowledgable, has great tenacity when things go wrong and always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help, find out or explore new things.

I really enjoy working with Kelly as it frees me up to be creative, knowing that I have the admin and technical backup in place to stop me feeling overwhelmed.”

Sue Atkins

Parenting Coach, ITV ‘This Morning’ Parenting Expert and author of the best selling book – Parenting Made Easy: How to Raise Happy Children