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I know you need and want a website but you are feeling confused and totally overwhelmed by all the options out there so you feel completely stuck


You have spent hours on Google but now you're more confused than ever


You've asked for help in facebook groups but that felt worse than asking google


You know wordpress is the way forward for you


You just want someone who can give you steps 1,2 3 and done instead of all this alien talk

Good news!

You don’t have to spend hours and hours on Google getting even more mind twisted and confused, you don’t have to spend a ton of money getting a designer to do it for you, and come to think of it, no more wasting money on things that don’t work, FULL STOP.

Introducing The WordPress Academy


The WordPress Academy is an online membership where you learn step by step how to not only build & manage your own website with WordPress, but also grow and drive traffic to it. 

With easy to follow bite sized videos, worksheets & workbooks, you can finally find a place with all the answers in NON TECH and NON Jargon language. 

When it comes to building a WordPress website there are so many videos, so many groups, so many forums, so many views, making it so difficult to know where to start. 

I truly believe learning to build a website shouldn’t be so confusing. I help you cut through the confusion, so you can build amazing websites with WordPress.

Here’s why you should ABSOLUTELY join us

Step by step videos

Follow easy to understand bite sized videos that give you the path you need to follow to get your website to a place you want it to be

Accountability & fully supported

With monthly live group sessions where you get answers to your questions, regular lives in the private Facebook group, you can guarantee never to feel confused or overwhelmed during your journey

Strategy for growth

We not only cover HOW to build your website, but also how your website will make you money through membership sites and ecommerce solutions


The WordPress Academy will also teach you how to implement specific things into your website such as email sign ups, schedulers and your social media feeds

Learn how to use the best drag and drop builder

Discover how to use Divi, one of the best drah and drop web builder there is. 

Guest experts

Ok so it’s all good and well having a beautiful website, but you need people to see it! So we will have regular experts to teach you how to achieve traffic, from Pinterest to Facebook ads and other social media

By joining the WordPress Academy you will finally find your confidence to build, update and maintain your WordPress website so that you never feel confused or overwhelmed again.

The WordPress Academy provides you with the training to put together an amazing website that you can do completely at your own pace. 

The lessons are short and include step by steps actions along with an accompanied workbook. 

Each course will help you build the skills and knowledge you need to build the website you really want, and one your clients will love.

What my members are saying about being part of the Academy

OMG ladies! I have worked so hard and stormed through Kelly’s content. I must say, I am not technically minded at all. I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. So, I find it very challenging to learn new things.
I have sailed through Kelly’s courses in the academy. I have found them extremelly easy to understand. I have found the mix of visual and written text a winning combination.
I can’t believe how my website looks. I have a professional, elegant looking website that I am so proud of.
I am so glad that thanks to the wordpress I have had full control over the look, feel and content of my website and now don’t need to keep paying someone else to upload content in the future!

Dah dah!
Ladies..I was a little afraid to enter into these modules…they’re harmless. Very inviting..simple to understand and Kelly makes it just sound like a chat with a cuppa rather than high falouting! I afforded myself some time… goal today… set for this morning.. but got distracted.. and hey ho! This afternoon – DONE!
I’ve always been afraid of touching anything plug in… appearances… tags or blocks etc… !
Honestly! It’s so easy to understand.
Cheers Kelly! 💟

The doors to the Academy are currently closed! 

BUT I’m giving you back door access! 

Join the Academy TODAY for just £27 per month

This offer will end on Friday 3rd June

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Here's an overview of what you'll get

Lay the foundations

Figure out who your soul mate clients are, what they actually need & want. 

What features you want on your website

What websites you like and don’t like, and pull all that together to lay the foundations. 

Lay the seeds

Figure out what domain names are and how to choose the best one for you, understand the importance of a good host and who to choose, what is WordPress and why I think it’s the best platform. 

You will also learn how to install it so you can start working with it, and learn what the essential plugins are, and what even are they, and most importantly understand how to keep your website secure from hackers.


Discover how to build an amazing website using Divi Builder from Elegant themes. You will learn how to build pages from scratch or using the beautifil pre made layouts that Divi builder has to offer to make your web design experience so much easier and enjoyable.


Discover how to create an online store using Woocommerce to sell both digital and physical products.

Membership site

Discover how to create an amazing experience for your members, using both Wishlist member, as well as bonus modules! This one is NOT TO BE MISSED

As well as the core modules, you will also discover how to install Google Analytics and monitor the behaviours of your vistors.

And of course, your website journey never stops, you will also learn how to generate a constant stream of visitors to your website through blogging, Pinterest, Podcasting and so so much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

But I'm a right technophobe

Perfect! This is absolutely without question the best place for you! All of my ladies are exactly the same. But I have creafted the WordPress Academy alongside my founding members, with their input we have built the best experience tailored for technophobes, to learn and understand what is required to build the perfect website. 

You are in safe hands I promise

Do I have to buy Divi

You will need a licence with Elegant Themes in order to install Divi and use that module, however, I do also go over how to use WordPress standard themes should you wish to not use Divi. However, Divi builder is AMAZING and will you will totally love it. I promise

Is this time based?

Absolutely not! The WordPress Academy is a membership, and you can learn and your own pace, pick it up as when it best suits you

How will you keep me accountable?

Ah this is what my members love! I like to kick butt, subtly. 

I won’t nag, but at the end of the day, you are here to get shit done. There’s absolutely no way I want you to pay for a membership you are not going to use! I want to see results, big or small. 

So, I will ensure you are making progress.

I deliver regular lives, we have monthly group calls and I also send out messages using Telegram so you don’t miss anything

The doors to the Academy are currently closed! 

BUT I’m giving you back door access! 

Join the Academy TODAY for just £27 per month

This offer will end on Friday 3rd June

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