Jargon Buster

Picture the scene: You’re talking to your web designer, your site is going to be on WordPress (which is easy to use, you hear) and then it happens. A word you don’t quite follow, but it sounds simple enough so whatever.

Theme, like party theme, right? Wait, whoa, plugin? Tags? This was meant to be simple! Am I just that dense?

Scene two: You’re a designer, you’re chattering on about the design you’ve drawn up for a client and you think they’re following when it happens. The questions: But wasn’t the theme just the colours? I thought the posts are displaying in the blog, categories? And you realise they’ve not quite followed. Uh oh, did you not explain it right?

In any field with a lot of jargon and “unusual” or “technical” concepts, the above scenarios are pretty common. BUT I’ve compiled a list of commonly used terms so you can understand what they are.