These are the names of the coding languages WordPress uses most often. I’m not going to go into what each acronym stands for, all you need to know is what each does on a basic level. CSS is the language that controls how your page appears. Think colors, fonts, headings, or how your website dresses and accessorizes. HTML adds structure to your website and its usually what the CSS is linked to. Think of this one as the flesh and bones of your website; layout, the order items appear, and how each piece of content or copy is treated. It’s how your browser knows whether something is text or an image or video and where to put it. PHP is a little more complex. It uses programming logic to dynamically add content that your HTML can display. Put more simply, it grabs pieces from your website’s database and displays it—posts, featured images, lists of pages, sidebar widgets, and on. If CSS is your website’s clothes and HTML is it’s body, then this language here is the tablet or phone your website is holding to look up interesting information. JavaScript also controls appearance, to a point, and dynamic content to a point. It can add animations when you hover over a certain part of your site. It can scroll you, SMOOTHLY, to a certain part of your page. It can submit forms and subscribe people to your mailing list. Basically, JavaScript is that little sprinkle of extra magic that you may not even notice but improves the look and feel of your site.