When you decide to embark on selling courses online or launch an online membership the choices you’ve got can seem so overwhelming and you just don’t know what option to go with.

There are solutions for everyone and it really depends on your budget and the overall end results you want to achieve, and also how much control you want over things like the design & layout.

So I wanted to just go over the three most popular solutions available so that you can hopefully decided which is the best platform for you.


Thinkific has tons of features to build your online course. Since it’s web based there is no additional work on your end to host your membership.

It has plenty of themes so you can give it a look that represents your brand, although you are restricted as it lacks the ability to customise it too much.

It’s perfect for courses but not so much for building pages for your membership.

It also has a forum type platform that your students can use.

Thinkific also has an online course directory where it lists your site along with all the other users to help you attract new customers.

Price – From FREE – $499 per month


In my opinion the big king when it comes to online courses and membership, if you’re looking for an out of the box solution.

Users love it because you can set up your courses quickly, although not very intuitive and has minimal content options, BUT and comes with an amazing community ready to support you.

It comes with it’s own email marketing solution so you don’t need to buy any additional sofware. Having said that you can integrate it with the likes of Active Campaign & Infusionsoft.

I’m not a fan of ‘all your eggs in once basket’, so although it is a favourite for a lot, it’s a no from me.

Price – from $119 per month (billed annually)


WordPress is very flexible and comes with endless possibilities when wanted to host courses & membership sites.

You will have some upfront cost if you want to hire a designer, premium themes & plugins, but once you’ve invested the only monthly cost you’ll have is your hosting, which you can get for as little as $3 per month.

You are not limited by templates and you can really build a site that is unique to your brand.

I have had many clients who have started on out different platforms only to rebuild them on WordPress as they found them restricting.

Price – From $3 per month


The platform you choose really depends on your budget, your timescales and your technical ability.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of putting all my eggs in once basket so Kajabi is out for me. Thinkific is too restricting as I like to have control over my designs and not run the risk of having my site look like anyone elses.

So that’s why WordPress is always a winner.

If you want to get started with WordPress?